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Swab Line Drill

The BSC Swab Line Drill is designed to effectively drill up and remove downhole tools constructed of drillable materials such as Cast iron, Bronze, Rubber, Various types of Aluminum Hard Sand and Cement used for plug back and squeeze work. The Sand Line Drill may also be used as a very effective clean-out tool in open hole completions, removing sand, gravel and various debris from a well bore. Soft ductile materials such as expandable aluminum bridge plugs can not be drilled effectively with this tool.

• Connection crossover sub is available for   attachment of washover sand pump skirts   (item # 23)

• The full chisel bit (item 21A) is most   effective on soft items such as cement,   sand bridges cementing plugs, stage   cementing collars, or on seal bore type  retainer production packers.

• 60% chisel bit (item 21B) is designed to   give a more concentrated drilling contact   point and will perform better on cast iron   bridge plugs, cement retainers and drillable   packers.


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