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SST Selective Stimulation Tool

The SST (Selective Stimulation Tool) is a retrievable weight set, hook wall packer used to selectively isolate short sections of perforations for testing, acidizing or breakdown

• Selective breakdown of short perforated   sections provides assurance that all  perforations are open for maximum   productivity.

• Eliminates the use of frac balls or    expensive blocking agents. Reduces   treating cost.

• Nothing remains in the well to cause   problems when recovering a retrievable   bridge plug or any other tool. • Maximum tool I.D. provided so standard   perforating and wireline operations can be   done through the SST.

• Standard 12” spacing between the packing   element sets. Other spacing lengths are   available upon request.

• Compatible with Cup Bridge Plug.

• A full line of accessory products such as   the Mechanical Collar Locator, Fluid   Injection Valve, Equalizing Standing Plug   and Seating Nipples are also available.


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