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MH Hydraulic Tubing Anchor

The BSC Hydraulic Set Tubing Anchor Catcher is a retrievable anchor catcher designed to hold the tubing string in tension or compression. No tubing manipulation is needed to set the anchor. Applying tubing pressure against a temporary plug run below the anchor catcher sets the catcher. Once set, bi-directional slips anchor the tubing from falling if it should part. The anchor catcher is released by straight pull shear.

• Rod pump installations

• Anchoring the tubing in tension or compression

• EASY TO SET in tension or compression

• EASY TO RELEASE with straight pull shear release

• REDUCE WEAR with bi-directional slips anchoring the tubing to prevent upward or downward movement

• REDUCE OPERATING COSTS and INCREASE PUMP EFFECIENCY with less maintenance and downtime caused by tubing or sucker rod wear • No tubing manipulation required


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