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HydoMech Bridge Plug

The BSC Hydraulic Mechanical Bridge Plug is set using hydraulic power to set the top slips and then mechanical pull to complete the set. The need for a mechanical setting tool does not exist because the setting mechanism is built-in. A ball is placed in the tubing string plugging off the builtin equalizing ports. Pressure is then applied to set the top slip and then mechanical pull is applied to finish the set. Releasing the tubing string from the plug is done by simply turning to the right. Full tubing I.D. is available after releasing from the plug allowing other equipment to extend through the end of the tubing string.

• Cast iron construction for easy drilling out

• One piece slip allows for secure set • Sets in any grade casing including P-110

• Metal back-up to prevent rubber extrusion

• For temporary or permanent service

• Ratcheting lock ring holds setting force

• Excellent for deviated wells


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