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The HERCULES II MEGABORE is a full bore wireline set frac plug that when combined with our dissolvable frac ball, they become a powerful plug system for fracturing wells completely eliminating the drill-out procedure of compos-ite plug systems, since the HERCULES II MEGABORE is de-signed to stay in the well bore. The jumbo ID of the HERCULES II MEGA BORE and dissolvable ball allow them to be run where composite plugs and coil tubing seem to fail.

The HERCULES II MEGABORE is a super ID frac plug that is based off the successful HERCULES I Frac Plug. The HERCULES II MEGABORE takes the HERCULES I Frac Plug design one step further, not only does it use all the features of the highly successful HERCULES I Frac Plug, but also used the newest patent pending slip and wireline adapter kit tech-nology, making this plug virtually impossible to preset. The adapter kit technology is designed to hold the plug from the bottom end locking the frac plug to the adapter kit preventing it from stroking and setting prematurely. The plug will not stroke until the wireline setting tool goes off allowing the HERCULES II MEGABORE to set and have a ball dropped and pumped down so that the next stage can be fracked.

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