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Hercules I

As the industry grows and more advanced drilling and completions practices are utilized a progressive means of zonal isolation is what is in order. The HERCULES I FRAC PLUG is a new generation of zonal isolation tool with a large ID ideal for long laterals where coiled tubing capabilities becomes an issue. The HERCULES I FRAC PLUG coupled with the dissolvable ball is paramount for your next completion. The DAN1 TM Ball will disperse without the need of high temperatures or harsh chemicals while still maintaining a 1Okpsi rating.

The HERCULES I FRAC PLUG is run in conjunction with your perforating guns via wireline. After setting the HERCULES I and perforating, the operator will pull out of the hole with wireline and the Dissolvable Ball will be pumped down on top of the HERCULES I and frac operations may then commence.

Further benefits of using the HERCULES I FRAC PLUG system is the ability to get the frac fluids out of the reservoir while it is still highly charged. The large bore ID allows for coil tubing to pass through the plugs should a clean out be necessary. The HERCULES I FRAC PLUG is designed to drill out in the case where remedial work is necessary.
The HERCULES I FRAC PLUG system allows the operator to utilize the same type of zonal isolation throughout the entire wellbore with infinite stage capabilities. All the features of the HERCULES I FRAC PLUG system provides E & P companies vast savings in time and resources.

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