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G Compression Packer

The BSC-G is a compression set, retrievable packer.


Most low pressure production applications. When combined with an unloader and hold down mechanism it can be used for well stimulation, testing and other pressuring operations and then left in the well as a production packer.


•    Rocker type slips •    J-slot control for normal set and release

•    Right-hand safety joint emergency release •    Compact

The BSC-G Compression Packer is run to a position about one foot below the desired setting depth, pick-up to the setting point. Rotate the tubing 1/4 turn to the right, at the tool, and set-down weight is applied to set to pack-off the tool.

To release the packer, simply pick up the tubing. If the packer needs to get moved downhole and reset, the tubing is rotated to the left 1/4 turn at the tool. In addition, the BSC-G features a safety joint to permit the removal of the tubing string if it should become necessary to do so. To remove the tubing string from the packer, rotate the tubing string (under slight tension) at least seven turns to the right. The left-hand thread that connects the top sub to the mandrel will unscrew, permitting the removal of the tubing string and the top sub from the well.


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