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Full-Bore Retrievable Service Packer

The BSC Full-Bore Retrievable Service Packer is a  an upstrain set packer with a full-opening used for squeeze cementing, casing testing, formation fracturing, and high-pressure acidizing. In addition, it is particularly useful when setdown weight is limited.

• Holds differential pressure from above or below. Obtained through the use of two sets of opposed rocker-type slips designed to hold in both directions.

• Instant pack-off. Packs-off immediately when upstrain pressure applied. • Circulation possible with upper slips set.

• Durable and Versatile. The Full-Bore can be used as many times as necessary to complete all applications required.

• Full-opening allows passage of service accessories below the Full-Bore.

• Safety Settings. After the Full-Bore has been released and is free to move, it can be set in a safety position to prevent reset.

• Safety Release Feature. If due to some extreme condition it is impossible to release the Full-Bore in the normal manner, the packer has been designed with an emergency release.


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