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FH Hydrostatic Single String Packer

The BSC-FH is a Retrievable Hydrostatic Single String Set Packer set by the hydrostatic head of the well, tubing pressure or both.


• Used in multi-zone production where crooked or deviated holes are not suitable for mechanical packers.
• Installations where the wellhead is flanged up before the packer is set.
• Run as a single packer, or as a lower packer in multiple packer hookups

• No tubing manipulation required • Withstands high hydrostatic pressures
• Hydraulic set for low hydrostatic head wells
• Locked in pack-off force
• No mandrel movement during setting
• Straight pull or optional rotational release
• Hydraulic hold-down for differential pressure from below


2-3/8”, 2-7/8” and 3-1/2” Tubing

4-1/2” through 9-5/8” OD Casing

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