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The DAN1 is an alloy based dissolvable ball that is composed of various compounds and uses nanotechnology. It can be customized to specific downhole conditions and dissolves at controllable and predictable rates to allow production from all treated zones. The DAN1 only requires exposure to fluid temperatures above 100˚F to begin the dissolution process, however faster dissolve rates may be achieved through the addition of corrosive fluids or an increase in bottomhole temperature. The development of the DAN1 has been empirically proven and has been developed with accuracy and reliability.

The bottom line: safer, faster, cleaner, adapt-able, efficient and profitable production.

•Withstand up to 300˚F. and 15,000 psi.
•Can be customized to your specific downhole needs.
•Compatible with sliding sleeve, bridge plugs and plug and perf completions
•Every lot of DAN1 TM frac balls is tested before shipment

We can customize your Dissolvable ball to best suite your wells needs. You can choose from a variety of metals to maximize the efficiency of your well. Contact Us for more information. [email protected]
Dissolvable options

- Low temp fast dissolve
- low temp long dissolve
- high temp fast dissolve
- high temp long dissolve

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