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BSC Big Bore

The BSC Big Bore uses a fully enclosed large crosssection slips for maximum safety.  In addition, it has a tension shear release that is easily adjustable in the field.

To prevent the slips from becoming dulled before reaching setting depth it is advisable to put a righthand turn into the tubing every 5 or 10 stands while running in the well.

Run to setting depth and rotate to the left (approximately 5 to 8 turns at the tool) to set the slips. Pick up and sit down several times while turning to the left to insure a tight set.
To release, rotate to the right with tubing in neutral. The slips will retract to the run-in position and the tubing string can be pulled from the well, or the anchor relocated. If the anchor is stuck, pick up and sit down several times while turning to the right to free up slips. Should this fail to free anchor, pull tension to break shear pins. This will unload the lower cone and pick up slips from above. The anchor can now be pulled from the well, but cannot be set again until re-dressed.


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