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The BSC-AD1 is a tension set, retrievable packer.

Waterflood, shallow or low fluid level wells with insufficient tubing weight to set compression packers.

• Compact

• J-slot control for normal set and release

• Rocker type slips • Large bore available

• Emergency Release o Shear Ring o Right Hand Safety Joint

Run the packer to desired setting depth, making the last movement downward. Rotate the tubing to the left 1/4 turn at the tool. Pick-up tubing string and apply desired tension to obtain packoff.


Lower the tubing at least one foot more than required to remove applied tension, this allows the J-pin to move fully to the top of the J-slot. Rotate the tubing to the right 1/4 turn at the packer so slips will now be in the running position. Packer is now capable of moving to a new position and reset, or it can be retrieved.


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